Review: Two Limited edition candybars


I saw an ad about the new limited edition Snickers with hazelnuts and as a vivid candybar and hazelnut lover, this was not something I could ignore. So after work, I was strolling through my local Albert Heijn in search of the Snickers, but before I found them, something else caught my eye: a limited edition dark chocolate Kinder Bueno! As I love dark chocolate more than any other kind of chocolate, there was no other option than taking this Kinder Bueno home with me as well. So there I was, on the couch with two different limited edition candybars, trying to decide which one I would taste first. A tough job, I can tell you that! After like, 10 minutes, the dark chocolate Kinder Bueno won.


The only adaptation that is made to the dark chocolate Kinder Bueno is the fact that the outside is coated with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. The inside is exactly the same as a regular Kinder Bueno. So taste-wise, there is not a huge difference either. I do like the dark chocolate version slightly better, because there is more contrast with the taste of the sweet hazelnut cream inside and bitterness that the dark chocolate gives to the outside layer. In the milk chocolate version, the two layers blend together more.

To conclude: the limited edition Kinder Bueno is nice for a change, but it doesn’t offer a really new experience.


Then it was up to the Hazelnut Snickers to live up to the expectations. The wrapper does look completely different than the regular Snickers: it’s green and has hazelnuts on it. The outside of the bar looks the same, so I expected to taste the difference at the first bite. I must say that the only difference is that there are chopped hazelnuts mixed with the peanuts in the top layer. Because they are mixed, it doesn’t taste that different. You do notice the hazelnuts, but they are not prominent at all. For me, it would have been better if the peanuts would have been left out entirely, because it would really have created a new Snickers taste. I did really like it though, but the hazelnuts don’t really add something new, like for example the caramel in the KitKat Chunky Double Caramel.

To conclude on the Snickers: as I don’t eat a regular Snickers often, I wouldn’t taste the difference if I were to taste it blind. I still really liked it though!

Both of the limited edition candybars were delicious, but not so different from their regular versions that I felt like they were something new. It is nice to change things up a bit sometimes and to have a different option. I think I liked the Dark chocolate Kinder Bueno a bit more.

Have you tried any of these?

Love, Emily


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