Inspiration: Four Easy & Healthy Homemade Snacks


Sometimes you feel like snacking on something and you just don’t want to take another piece of fruit, but you don’t want to take something that is as unhealthy as a candybar or potato chips either. You just need something that gives you the idea of snacking without feeling guilty about the snack you just ate. I have a couple of healthy and super tasty options for those moments for you!

1: Homemade popcorn

I love popcorn as a treat, but most of the popcorn from the stores have too much additives, sugar or salt for my liking. That’s why I make my own! At our local organic store you can buy corn in bulk, so I can get the exact amount I want to make (because popcorn tastes best when fresh). I simply heat a tablespoon of oil (sunflower or coconut oil) in a pan with a lid together with one corn kernel. When it pops, I add the rest of the corn and give the pan a shake. It takes literally seconds before the rest pops. Then you van add the flavoring. I like to make a sweet popcorn with a little bit of cane sugar and cinnamon or a savory popcorn with sea salt and paprika powder. You could anything you want of course!

2: Chickpea bites

These are so crunchy that it feels like you are snacking on peanuts, but with the health benefits of chickpeas! You simply need to roast the chickpeas for 30 minutes in an oven on degrees Celcius. Then sprinkle the chickpeas with a little bit of olive oil and whatever you want: I have made them with honey, but also with Italian herbs. If you use honey, the chickpeas need to be placed back into the oven untill the honey has caramellised. For a detailed recipe: look over here!

3: Cashew-date Balls
I am a peanutbutter lover by heart and I love to incorporate it into my snacks. It is in these Cashew-date balls as well. You just need a food processor and 5 minutes to make these. Chop the cashews and dates finely in the food processor and add the peanutbutter and a tablespoon of cacao powder. Then give it another whizz untill it starts to stick together. Roll small balls of the mixture with your hands. You can coat them with shredded coconut or cacao powder afterwards, but they are great without that as well.

4: Apple chips

And last but not least: Apple chips! Yes, this is fruit, but making chips out of the apple gives it an entire different dimension. The apple becomes crispy and somehow sweeter when baked. And if you sprinkle the slices with cinnamon before baking them it tastes even better! Make sure to slice the apple very thin though. There are two ways to make the apple chips: in the oven for 2 to 3 hours on 200 degrees Celcius, takes longer, but creates a crispier end result or in the microwave for 4,5 to 5 minutes, which makes the apple less crispy, but you will have a fast result. They taste nice either way.

So if you feel like snacking, make sure to have some of these healthy options on hand and they will satisfy your need for sure!

Love, Emily


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