Cookbook: Uit Pauline’s keuken

Cookbook: Uit Paulines' KeukenI love to read blogs from other foodbloggers as there is so much inspiration to be found on them to bake and cook. I often find the best recipes there. One of my absolute favorites is Uit Pauline’s Keuken. She has one of the most clean looking blogs with recipes of any kind. Most of the recipes are on the healthier side, as she also wrote the Voedselzandloper cookbook, but she also shares recipes you can really indulge on. I discovered Pauline’s blog when I was looking for a recipe for sweet potato fries. After that, I have made numerous from her recipes, so when I heard about her upcoming book, I definetely wanted to have it. I just knew there would be a lot of recipes in there that I would love to make!

Cookbook: Uit Paulines' KeukenSo I pre-ordered the book on and got it as soon as it was released. The clean look of the blog is also incorporated in the cover of the book: with light and calm looking pictures. I absolutely love the subtitle: ‘Live, Love, Eat!’. A wonderful philosophy and this shows in the recipes inside. The book is divided in chapters that hold recipes for different moments: breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also coffee or party. That’s one of the things I like the most about this book: it doesn’t matter what kind of recipe you are looking for, there is a little bit of everything in it. Most of the recipes are new, but there are some of the best blog recipes in the book as well. A couple of my favorite recipes are:
– Caprese eggs from the oven
– Omelet wrap with salmon
– Lemon Yoghurt Cake
– Pumpkin Alla ParmigianaCookbook: Uit Paulines' Keuken

The recipes are written in a step by step way, making them easy to follow. There is a picture of the end result with each recipe, so you will know what it should look like. Most of the recipes are not at all complicated and you don’t need a truckload of ingredients either. Very managable, even for the unexperienced cook! I like how Pauline gives tips for almost every recipe as well. She tell a you for example how to make things ‘Voedselzandloper proof’ or she tells you what other variants you could make. In the back of the book are some techniques, like making caramel or kneading bread, that are described in more details. Very usefull as well!

Cookbook: Uit Paulines' KeukenBetween the recipes, Pauline also shares other usefull food related tips and tricks about hosting a dinner party, doing groceries, making a table and a list of her favorites. That makes this book more than just a cookbook, it is full of information.

Cookbook: Uit Paulines' KeukenOf course I already tested a recipe: the Buckwheat pancakes with apple. I made them for breakfast and they were so easy to make: simply grating the apple, mixing all of the ingredients and then baking the pancakes was all it took. They were ready in 10 to 15 minutes, making it perfect for breakfast. The pancakes were great! I loved how they tasted: the apple was not prominent at all, making them easy to combine with whatever toppings you want. The buckwheat gives the pancakes a nice texture and makes them more nutritious. I added a little bit of maple syrup on top.

Cookbook: Uit Paulines' KeukenI am very happy with this book and I am sure I will use ‘Uit Pauline’s Keuken’ very often!

Love, Emily


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