Review: Spelt muffin from Albert Heijn To Go


Because I travel by train every week, I regularly visit an Albert Heijn To Go at one of the trainstations I pass by. I often check the aisles for new items as they tend to appear first in the Albert Heijn To Go stores before being adopted into the stock of the regular stores. It is almost like in a concept store: the products are given a test: if they are sold often enough, then they will go mainstream. This happend for example with the Spelt twister, quinoa salad and the sushi. This time I discovered something interesting again: two new muffins made with 100% spelt flour. It is so great they offer more and more options for people with allergies or who have a certain food ideology!

There are 2 variations of the spelt muffins: one with walnuts and honey and one with blueberries. I bought the one with walnuts and honey, because I thought it was an original flavor for a muffin. I know blueberry muffins are great as well though, so next time I will try one of those. The muffins are kind of large, so there is more to enjoy about them. They are wrapped in natural looking brown paper and then packaged in plastic bags.

As soon as I opened the package, I smelled vanilla more than anything. It’s a good thing I love vanilla in this case. The spelt muffin has the same density as a regular muffin, which kind of surprised me. Other spelt products tend to be more dense and heavier than something that is baked with regular flour, but that was not the case at all. I would even call them airy. I did notice the spelt fibers inside and this gives the muffin a bit more texture. I like this, but I can imagine some people don’t like the feel of them in their mouth. The fibers make you feel satisfied after eating the muffin as well, which is something I never experienced with other muffins before.

The walnuts and honey topping make a delicious combination with the vanilla muffin. Personally, I like the bite of the walnuts and the honey gives it a nice touch. Too bad the walnuts are only on top of the muffin and not inside as well. That would have been even better! I couldn’t really taste if the spelt had any influence on the flavor, which I believe is a good thing.

Next time when I am hungry during my train travels I’ll try the blueberry muffin at AH To Go, as this one was a succes!

Love, Emily


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