Review: Easter Eggs from Jamin

Review, Jamin easter eggs chocolateWhen I was a child I was always looking forward to the period before Easter, because that would be the time of the Easter eggs. My parents would usually get a bag of these chocolate eggs in shimmery foil with loads of colors. At that time, most of the eggs were made of solid dark, milk or white chocolate and on a rare occasion you would find some filled with praline or hazelnut. Things sure have changed since then. Nowadays you can buy Easter eggs with filled with everything you can imagine. One of my favorite candy stores, Jamin, even sells 40 different flavors! And they add new flavors every year, how cool is that? This was beyond my imagination and I decided to test 15 of the most appealing and creative flavors.

I chose only 15 different eggs, because I felt that taking all 40 would be too decadent (actually 39, because the new brownie flavor was not available at my local store). It is already a feast to choose your favorite flavors, and because there are so many, there will be something that appeals to anyone for sure! I chose the following 15 eggs (from top to bottom, from left to right):

  1. Dulce De Leche MilkReview: Jamin easter eggs chocolate
  2. Tiramisu Milk
  3. Cappuchino Milk
  4. Caramel Dark
  5. Dame Blanche
  6. Apple pie Milk
  7. Coconut Milk
  8. Straciatella Dark
  9. Merengue Dark
  10. Strawberry White
  11. Pistache White
  12. Cookies and Cream Milk
  13. Praline Biscuit Milk
  14. Coffee Milk
  15. Extra Dark

Basically, there was no kind of chocolate and filling combination I didn’t like, but there were some that stood out and some that were not that special:

My favorites:

The absolute best were the Dame Blanche, Merengue Dark and the Caramel Dark for me. The Dame Blanche is made of white chocolate with a creamy dark chocolate filling, not a praline. The dark chocolate cream is amazing and it really resembles the taste of the icecream. I don’t know how they managed it but the merengue in the Merengue Dark egg is super crispy! This creates a lovely bite. It is not overly sweet, so this egg tastes great as well. The Caramel Dark is fabulous because of the gooey caramel that oozes out of the egg as you bite it. It’s creamyness in combination with the bitter taste of the dark chocolate is just great!

Very nice:

I also really liked the Strawberry White, Coconut Milk, Cookies and Cream Milk and the Tiramisu Milk eggs. The one with Strawberry was a nice surprise: it tasted like strawberry icecream in white chocolate, which I really liked. It didn’t taste as artificial as I expected, which was a good thing! The Coconut Milk has a white cream in it with toasted coconut pieces. I already smelled the coconut before I opened the foil and it had a real cocnut taste indeed! Love the texture in this one! The Cookies and Cream Milk has little pieces of crunchy cookies inside with a vanilla cream. Cookies, vanilla and chocolate is always a good combination, that’s enough said. The Tiramisu had less of an alcohol taste to it than I had expected, but still resembles a tiramisu with hints of coffee, alcochol and a nice cream.


Some of the eggs were not that special but still very nice. The Review: Jamin easter eggs chocolateCappuchino Milk and Coffee Milk were very comparable in my opinion, both had a coffee taste to them, nice but not too different. The Dulce de Leche can be compared to the Caramel egg, but the only difference was that the taste of the caramel was a bit different, less creamy somehow, but also nice. The Extra Dark was nice and bitter, but if you have had real extra dark chocolate before, it is not as bitter as you would expect. The Praline Biscuit I liked, but I had to look up which flavor it was, because I hadn’t recognised the biscuit bits.

Expected more of:

I expected more of the Straciatella Dark, Pistache White and Applepie Milk eggs. With the Straciatella, I would have expected more dark chocolate pieces in the vanilla cream, I almost couldn’t discover any. Still tasted ok though. The Pistache had a white cream with pistache flavor inside. I would have expected either a green filling or pieces of pistachio nuts in it, so this was a little bit of a dissapointment after all of the other creative fillings. With the Applepie Milk, I didn’t taste any apple, maybe a little bit of cinnamon, but if I hadn’t known which egg I was eating I probably would have guessed a different flavor.

I would really like to try the Brownie egg sometime as well, so I am hoping it will be in stock next time I visit Jamin.

Review: Jamin easter eggs chocolateI really enjoyed all of the flavors of these Easter Eggs and it was a joy to pick one each time, unwrapping it and then tasting all of these creative easter chocolate flavors.

Have you tried any of these and do you have a favorite Easter Egg?

Love, Emily


3 gedachtes over “Review: Easter Eggs from Jamin

  1. Lisa zegt:

    I tried all that appealed to me when they first showed up after Christmas. I must say I tasted them without knowing which color was which, because I didn’t want to have my expectations cloud my taste.

    My favourites are Dark Orange, Dark Straciatella and Dark Merengue

    The orange is a Jaffa cake easter egg, and it’s one of my favourite flavors. Luckily for me, and my wallet (but not my waistline), our local supermarket has dark orange easter eggs at pretty much half the Jamin price. Since I can’t afford a full bag of jamin eggs every time I run out, these hold me over.

    The straciatella is very nice, although I’d have called that one the Dame Blanche. Chocolate bits are small indeed, but I don’t feel like it’s unbalanced.

    The merengue. Oh dear, it’s so so good. No further comment.

    Then there are some I’ve had and liked, and would certainly eat off a dish at a family gathering once my favourites are gone, but wouldn’t spend money for myself.

    In order:

    Dark praline. Classic. Good. But unlike the orange dark, which I still occasionally splurge on, I feel the supermarket eggs are just fine. Jamin is better, but not at that price.

    Dark crispy praline and praline biscuit milk. I like crispy, but don’t feel it adds something in combination with the praline.

    Mocha dark and cappuccino milk. To be honest I didn’t really get the difference between mocha and cappuccino. Went straight on my naah – list, didn’t remember much more.

    Chocolate mousse milk. I’m waiting for a dark chocolate mousse. Milk and mousse just tastes too sweet for me.

    cookies and cream. Straight naah. Tasted flat. Can’t remember much else.

    Dame Blanche. I had high expectations of this one. I don’t know about you, but I love at good quality dame blanche ice cream. Real vanilla ice cream with actual whipped cream slathered in warm dark chocolate sauce, served seperately. This egg vaguely tasted like one of those cheap dame blanches. Vanillin (artificial vanilla) ice cream (or worse, just plain ice cream), whipped cream from a spray can and cheap cold chocolate sauce they also use to make chocolate milkshakes. Like said before, the straciatella egg reminds me more of dame blanche than this one.

    Brownie dark. Once again, high expectations, low results. I ate it, and it’s not so bad it needs to be on the don’t like list, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

    Dark mint. Filling tastes like toothpaste. That’s ok though, after eights also taste like toothpaste. Still I like an after eight sometimes. About twice per year. For the after eight fans though, a great egg.

    These I didn’t like.

    Stroopwafel milk. I got the stroop, missed the wafel bit. Tasted like caramel and burnt hot chocolate to me.

    Banana milk. Tastes like chemical cheap banana candy. Smells like it too. Too artificial.

    Praline sea salt milk. Just ew.

    On my to try list are the cinnamon and vanilla kinds.


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