Restaurant: My favorite coffee places in Rotterdam City Centre


When I go shopping in the city centre of Rotterdam, I almost always start early, like, I make sure to be there around 10 o’clock in the morning. This means I usually haven’t had any coffee yet. Since I started drinking coffee about two years ago, it has become kind of a habit to have one cup of latte or cappuccino in the morning. I don’t drink more coffee really, but I have gotten quite attached to my one cup of coffee. So whenever I go shopping I take a break at one of my favorite coffee places in the city centre. I sometimes choose the bigger ones everyone knows, like Hema, or LaPlace, but most of the time I’d rather visit a smaller and less crowded place. Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:


Hopper is near the Witte de Withstraat on the Schiedamsevest. It is a small, industrial looking place, but they brew the best coffee here! They have 6 to 10 different kinds of coffee beans and they use 5 different methods for brewing. The latte I drank here was just fabulous, with a great, firm foam on top and a full flavor. They also serve homebaked cookies and cakes (the pumpkin cake was so delicious!) and they have an entire lunch menu, ranging from bread, to soup to quiche to salads. One small negative point is that Hopper is always crowded, and if you get here in the afternoon or the weekend, you are probably not going to find a seat.


Booon is located at the Proveniersstraat which is a short walk from Central Station if you leave the station from the back entrance. This is another really small coffee house, but because everything is very light, it seems more spacious than it actually is. The latte here was very nice, served in a tall glass and really hot! To go with your coffee, there is a selection of Italian baked goods, really fabulous! I had this pastry that was filled with chocolate and my mouth just waters again when I think about it. You can also have lunch at Booon. For me, the tables were a bit too close to each other, but that’s no surprise in a tiny place.

Doppio Espresso

Doppio Espresso is near Schouwburgplein at Kruisplein, so a nice place for a pitstop if you are visiting the theatre or cinema. Doppio is not only in Rotterdam, but they have locations in almost the entire country. They have an enormous coffee and tea menu, with all of the coffee variations I can think of and they offer a lot of specials as well. They specials have extras in or on the coffee, such as caramel or cookie crumble and the special changes every now and then. You can also order breakfast, lunch or sweets with your coffee. I had two of the specials and both were extremely delicious! I also really enjoyed the brownie and blondie I tried. Doppio is also a great place to work.


Mockamore is in the Korte Hoogstraat, near the Hema and V&D. This is again not only a local coffee house, but they also have locations in other cities. Mockamore is one of the places I go to for a sweet coffee, their specials are amazing! Morning Glow (with honey) or White Night (with cocolate milk and white chocolate shavings on top) are delicious, but a plain caffe latte is not the best I have tasted. You can order cake or a bagel with your coffee. The one negative point here is that you need to order your coffee at the desk and then take it to your table by yourself. Which often means climbing stairs with coffee cups that are filled to the top…

The Tea Lab

One of my absolute favorites is the Tea Lab  in the Westewagenstraat (behind V&D and across McDonalds) (see my review here). Even though they sell more tea than coffee, the coffee is so delicious here! They have many options, but the Latte macchiato and the Honey Hazelnut Latte are probably my favorites. The foam is dense, the coffee just strong enough and the milk creamy. Love it! Their cakes are amazing as well, just as the lunch menu. I can stronly advise the yoghurt or salads. A perfect place to have a shopping break.

Dudok Patisserie

Dudok is well known in Rotterdam for their applepie, but what most people don’t know is that next to the Dudok restaurant, there is Dudok Patisserie in the Westewagenstraat. You can buy all of the Dudok cakes and pastries here and they have a few seats upstairs where you can enjoy a piece of cake with some coffee. Personally, I think the coffee is nothing special, nice but that’s all I can say about it. The cakes though are fabulous! So go here if you want to celebrate something with cake.

Coffee Company

Coffee Company de Meent has the best flavored lattes to go in my opinion, so when I just want coffee, but no break yet, I go here. They have so many different syrups you can choose from! My personal favorite is the coconut. I also like their regular cafe latte. Coffee Company doesn’t offer a lot to eat, except for some cakes or grilled sandwiches, but it is most definetely a nice place to work. I would not choose this place to have a catch-up with friends, as they don’t have separate tables you can sit on.

Of course there are many more places you can enjoy your coffee in Rotterdam!

Do you have any recommendations on places I should visit?

Love, Emily


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