Inspiration: Wrap with smoked chicken and pea sprouts

Inspiration: Wrap with smoked chicken and pea sproutsI eat at the dance studio two times a week at the moment between teaching classes and most of the times I either buy or make a salad. It’s easy to prepare and light on my stomach when I have to dance again straight after. But now, I got kind of bored with the salads and wanted to make something different. I figured a wrap would be easy and light as well, so I looked for things to put in my wrap at my local supermarket.
Inspiration: Wrap with smoked chicken and pea sprouts

At Albert Heijn, I found pea sprouts, something that immediately intrigued me. I had never tasted them before and I figured this would be the first ingredient for the wraps. Then I added cucumber and smoked chicken to it, but I still needed some kind of spread or sauce to bring it all together. Then I spotted this amazing cream cheese spread with mango and red pepper. It sounded both sweet and spicy at the same time and I felt like it would be perfect with the chicken and vegetables. So the ingredients for the wraps became:

◾Multi-grain wrapsInspiration: Wrap with smoked chicken and pea sprouts
◾Cream cheese spread with mango and red pepper
◾Pea sprouts
◾Smoked chicken breast

Preparing the wraps coudn’t be more simple:

Basically smear the cream cheese on the wrap and then place all of the ingredients on it. Roll up the wrap and you are finished. Rolling up the wrap was a challenge though, because I was a bit over enthousiastic in adding toppings to my wraps. In literally 2 minutes you have prepared a delicious lunch or light dinner!

I absolutely loved the pea sprouts by the way. They have so much more flavor than I expected, a bit spicy actually. They go very well with the smoked chicken and the mango and red pepper cream cheese (a hit as well, the cream cheese). I truely enjoyed eating the wraps, they were delicious and a nice change!

Love, Emily

Inspiration: Wrap with smoked chicken and pea sprouts



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