Restaurant: Sugo, Rotterdam


I absolutely love Italian food, it doesn’t matter what kind of food, but I just love how the flavors are combined in the Italian cuisine. Pizza is one of the things that is a real treat for me. I don’t eat it often, but when I do, I enjoy it to the maximum. That’s why I was so exited when I heard about the opening of Sugo in the Aaert van Nesstraat in my hometown Rotterdam. Sugo sells pizza slices, so no whole round pizza’s, making it easier to have to either have just one slice for lunch, or try multiple pizza’s for dinner!

Sugo is located in the Aaert van

Nesstraat, at the back of the Bijenkorf. It is a small restaurant, but they have arranged the interior in such a way that it seems spacious. Everything is still really new, as they have just recently opened. There is a lot of light, because of the large windows and the white walls. They have used a lot of light wood in the interior, with black chairs and stools. The black gives it a nice contrast. The look of the restaurant tells you this is not a place where you spend an entire evening, but it is perfect for lunchbreak or a quick dinner. They also have the option for takeout, which I think is very smart with all off the office workers in the area.

Sugo has an open kitchen, so you can
see and smell how the pizza’s are being prepared. Yet, the smell is not too bad at all. You can choose your pizza at the counter, where all of the trays with pizza are displayed. They offer 10 to 20 different pizza’s every day, varying the pizza’s from day to day. So a lot of options here! Every slice of pizza costs between 2,80 and 3,80 euros, so not expensive at all. You choose the kind of pizza you like and they slice a square off the big pizza. Then they are baked in the oven for a few minutes.

I chose the pizza with salmon, zucchini and rocket leaves. It was presented on a wooden board with parchment paper. The square is sliced in 3 parts already, because they don’t offer you knives and forks. You will have to eat them the way you are supposed to eat pizza: with your hands! At first I was kind of surprised by this, but at the same time I thought it is such a smart concept. I suddenly did understand the huge amount of napkins on the table.

My pizza slice was so delicious! The

crust was super crispy, just the way I like it. I found out that Sugo lets the pizza dough rise for 72 hours, because they use 80% less yeast than in regular pizza dough. This makes it light, crispy and easy to digest. The toppings were wonderful as well: a nice salmon, tasty vegetables and fior di latte. I had to look up the last ingredient, as I had never heard of it before, but it turned out to be just mozzarella! It tasted great anyway. And last but not least: the temperature was just right, not mouth-burning hot, but not too cold either.

There were many more pizza’s I would have liked to taste, but this one slice was really enough for me as a lunch. I will go back to Sugo for sure to try some of the others and for their Nutella pizza. I bet that one will be so good!

Love, Emily


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