Review: Tijd voor Ontbijt


For me, breakfast is very important. I believe a healthy breakfast gets your body started and gets the brain fueled as well. This is why I always take the time in the morning to have a decent breakfast (and because I simply wake up hungry). Personally, I love oatmeal for breakfast, because you can flavor it with loads of things and you can add almost everything as a topping. Usually I put any kind of fruit on top and sometimes extras like nuts or chocolate. Lately I discovered something new in my local Albert Heijn, called ‘Tijd voor Ontbijt‘. Tijd voor Ontbijt sells different kinds of mixes with nuts, dried fruit and superfoods to add to your yoghurt, muesli, or in my case oatmeal.

There are large jars filled with the different mixes, but there are small bags as well with one portion. I chose the small bags, because I wanted to try two of the mixes first. There are 5 different ones to choose from: Superfruits, Superfruits and Seeds, Walnuts and Large Raisins, Mango and Coconut and last but not least Cranberries and Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds. The last two appealed to me the most, mainly because I am not that into superfruits.

I really liked both mixes. The Mango Coconut I combined with pomegranate seeds in my oatmeal and it made a nice tropical combo of both sweet and sour flavors. The coconut adds a nice bite. I might have to add that there are cranberries in this mix as well. I would combine it with other exotic fruits, like mango, pineapple or papaya the next time. I bet this would taste delicious!

The Cranberries and Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds mix is very nice as well. A bit sweeter because of the chocolate of course, and crispy because of the sunflower seeds and the chocolate coated cornflakes. I combined this one with an apple, which was tasty as well, but I believe it would be even better with strawberries or raspberries.I am thinking about buying the Walnut and Large Raisins the next time to add to either an apple or pear oatmeal bowl.

As you can tell probably, the variations are endless and you can add whatever you want. I personally wouldn’t buy the large jars, because I like to change up my breakfast almost every day. Thus the small bags are perfect for me. They are a bit more expensive in the end though, but as you probably don’t use a bag of ‘Tijd voor Ontbijt‘ every day, it is nice for every now and then.

Which one would you like to try?

Love, Emily


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