Restaurant: Lekkerr, Schoonhoven


Last week, I spent two days at my aunt who lives in Schoonhoven. Schoonhoven is a very cute town between Rotterdam and Utrecht. It is known for the silver that used to be made here a lot. In the city centre, you will find a lot of old buildings, mostly from around the year 1600. I absolutely love to see this, as you won’t find buildings like this in Rotterdam, because of what happened here in the Second World War. It gives Schoonhoven such a charming feel. I also really like the canal that runs right through the town. On one of the sides of the canal, restaurant Lekkerr is situated and my aunt, brother and sister in law and I decided to go there for dinner.

The restaurant looks small from the outside, but it inside it turned out to be larger than I thought. It has a modern feel to it, with all of the furniture in clean black and white with touches of pink, such as pink LED strips behind the couches (really cool by the way). There are huge modern artworks on the walls in this color scheme as well. Everything looks quite new and fresh, even the bathrooms. There is nice background music in the restaurant as well, not too loud, but just enough to create an atmosphere. We had a great time catching up!

The menu is a bit on the classic side with a classy touch, but without being too exclusive. This makes Lekkerr a suitable restaurant for many different types of people and different occasions. We decided not to take a starter, because we really wanted a dessert and feared we would not be able to eat a three-course dinner.

For my main course, I chose the pork duo, which consisted of a sausage from pulled pork (can’t resist that!) And a piece of pork tenderloin. To accompany that, there was asparagus, mashed potato and a pepper sauce. The sausage was not really a sausage in my opinion, as it was just pulled pork wrapped in bacon. I didn’t mind though, as this combination was divine! The saltyness of the bacon and sweetness of the pulled pork made it perfectly balanced. The tenderloin was very well cooked and indeed very tender. Loved that as well. The asparagus however should have been cooked a bit shorter. They had become quite soggy unfortunately. My aunt chose a fish plate that looked really good as well and so did the skewer my sister in law chose. Fries and salad were served separately, but I thought this could have been a little bit more than a single small bowl for four people.

Then came the long awaited dessert! From my first glance on the menu, I knew the rhubarb with white chocolate mousse and vanilla icecream had my name written all over it. I just have this craze about rhubarb these days. And my craving was filled for sure, as there was a lot of rhubarb in it. Even so much that my entire tongue was number after eating it (maybe I am oversensitive to rhubarb? ). But it was sooo good! Tangy, fresh and sweet at the same time. The chocolate mousse and merengue complemented it very well. The other desserts looked awesome too by the way!

Alltogether, we had a great evening with great company and very good food.
If you are ever in Schoonhoven, I would definetely go for dinner at Lekkerr!

Love, Emily


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