Explore the Foodhallen, Amsterdam


The Foodhallen in Amsterdam was something I really wanted to visit, because I thought it had such an unique and amazing concept. I always have a hard time picking a restaurant when I go out for dinner, as I always want to try so many different foods and cuisines. In the Foodhallen, there are numerous vendors in an indoor foodmarket that create original bites of almost every cuisine you can imagine. You can just collect and combine all of the things you like and eat them at one location. How perfect is that for a food lover? Getting to try multiple things at once! Lees verder


City food trip: Amsterdam

City food trip: AmsterdamAs the capitol of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the place to be for the hip and happening on food stores and restaurants. A lot of new concepts have their first locations in Amsterdam before they spread to the rest of the country. Even though Rotterdam as a big city offers a lot on the food area, you can’t really compare it to Amsterdam.That’s why I decided to go and visit some of the food hotspots in Amsterdam. I took the train to Amsterdam Central station and ventured out from there.
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