Background: Something about Food Tag


It can be so much fun to answer questions about your food habits! I got tagged by MuyMaaike to fill in the Something about Food Tag, a tag with a lot of fun questions that tells you a bit more about me and the way I feel about certain foods. This tag was only in Dutch, so I translated the questions to English:
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Inspiration: Raspberry banana bread that even banana haters like

Inspiration: Raspberry Banana breadQuite a strange title for this blogpost isn’t it? But that is exactly what this banana bread does: it makes banana haters eat banana. Somehow I never liked the taste of banana, as a child and  as an adult still. It doesn’t matter if the banana is baked, in a smoothie, cake, or even artificial like in candy, if I taste banana, I don’t like it. Because I really want to eat bananas for their healthy benefits, I have tried to eat banana in all kinds of foods to see if there was a way I would like it, but no succes. Untill now! Lees verder