Recipe: Dutch ‘Stoofperen’, Pears poached in Blackberry juice

Recipe: Pears poached in Blackberry sauceRecipe: Pears poached in Blackberry sauce

Stoofperen are one of my favorite things to make in the fall or winter.Β  Stoofperen are pears poached in blackberry sauce (but they are often poached in red wine or port as well) with some sugar and cinnamon. It is a traditional Dutch dish and most people make it as a side dish for dinner or use the pears in desserts. They are also popular at Christmas dinners. It is just the perfection of the sweet pears with the sour blackberry sauce and the heart warming taste of cinnamon that makes me want to make stoofperen as soon as I find out the pears are in store again, which is usually in october. I always use Giese Wildemann, a small pear which is perfect for poaching. Gieser Wildeman pears do become red on their own when you cook them for 3 hours or longer.Β  As I often don’t have enough time for this, I always add the blackberry juice for both color and taste.
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