Inspiration: Four Easy & Healthy Homemade Snacks


Sometimes you feel like snacking on something and you just don’t want to take another piece of fruit, but you don’t want to take something that is as unhealthy as a candybar or potato chips either. You just need something that gives you the idea of snacking without feeling guilty about the snack you just ate. I have a couple of healthy and super tasty options for those moments for you! Lees verder


Recipe: Cashew-date balls


I have seen so many recipes for this thing called ‘bliss balls’ (quite a strange name if you ask me). I do like the idea of making something healthy and sweet, as I am a sweet-tooth but at the same time I am conscious of what I eat and I don’t always want to stuff my body with a truckload of sugar. As I do this often enough with all the baking I do, I felt I could use some balance. So i looked up healthy snacks and this ‘bliss balls’ thing came up very frequently. Most of the times they involved oats or almonds, but that was not quite what i had on my mind. I wanted to try something else and because I always love cashews I decided to put them in the mix. I know cashews are not the healthiest nuts I could choose, but as this would still be a snack, I figured this was okay.
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