Explore the Foodhallen, Amsterdam


The Foodhallen in Amsterdam was something I really wanted to visit, because I thought it had such an unique and amazing concept. I always have a hard time picking a restaurant when I go out for dinner, as I always want to try so many different foods and cuisines. In the Foodhallen, there are numerous vendors in an indoor foodmarket that create original bites of almost every cuisine you can imagine. You can just collect and combine all of the things you like and eat them at one location. How perfect is that for a food lover? Getting to try multiple things at once! Lees verder


Background: How can you fit in fastfood in a healthy lifestyle?


Of course we all know most of the food at fastfood chains cannot be described as healthy and it doesn’t fit into a healthy lifestyle. Most of the times it contains a lot of fat, sugar or salt and a lot of calories because of that. And yet many of us do sometimes go to fastfood chains and grab something to eat there. Personally I believe it is fine to do this every once in a while on special occasions, like a day out with friends or family or when you are returning from vacation, but not on a regular basis. Once a month is even too much for me. But I think you should be able to eat healthy and go and have a hamburger sometimes. I must admit I do like it when I go out to eat fastfood, it feels like a special treat because I almost never do this!
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Background: my Food Bucket list

I always make lists for everything: things I want to do, make, see or get. That’s why I also had a list of recipes I want to make, food I want to try and restaurants I need to visit. Lately, I discovered more people have these lists and that some people call this a Food Bucket list. I really liked the idea of a bucketlist and tracking which of the items you have completed, so I decided to post my Food Bucket list on the blog and tell you about the progress I am making with it. I must say I completed some items on my list lately already:

1: Making a curry
2: Baking pumpkin muffins
3: Taste quinoa
4: Make a Cake Boss recipe
5: Visit the Markthal
6: Have a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks
7: Make Sloppy Joes
8: Taste pulled pork
9: Bake spelt bread
10: Eat at a tapas restaurant

Being a food blogger absolutely helps in checking off the items on my list, as I often look at my list when I am thinking about what I want to write about next. At the same time, it makes it harder to complete the list, as I get inspired by all of the other blogs where I discover new recipes or restaurants, which makes my list grow before I can finish all of the items on it! But for now, this is my Food Bucket list:
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Restaurant: Hudson Rotterdam

Review Restaurant Hudson RotterdamMy cousin and I decided to go out for dinner to catch up after we hadn’t seen each other for quite a while. We were looking for a place in Rotterdam and decided to go and test a restaurant that was new to the both of us. The very American menu of Hudson we found online did really appeal to us, so that’s where we went.
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