Recipe: Cute Easter Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

Recipe: Cute Easter Bird nest CupcakesEven though the wheather doesn’t show signs of spring at the moment (it looks more like fall actually) spring is here and it is Easter in exactly one week already! That’s why I decided to make some cute Easter bird’s nest cupcakes on this rainy day. To get in the mood a bit already. These cupcakes are really easy to make, not too big, so you can easily enjoy them with a cup of coffee or tea and I bet they would look great on an Easter Brunch table as well.
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Review: Easter Eggs from Jamin

Review, Jamin easter eggs chocolateWhen I was a child I was always looking forward to the period before Easter, because that would be the time of the Easter eggs. My parents would usually get a bag of these chocolate eggs in shimmery foil with loads of colors. At that time, most of the eggs were made of solid dark, milk or white chocolate and on a rare occasion you would find some filled with praline or hazelnut. Things sure have changed since then. Nowadays you can buy Easter eggs with filled with everything you can imagine. One of my favorite candy stores, Jamin, even sells 40 different flavors! And they add new flavors every year, how cool is that? This was beyond my imagination and I decided to test 15 of the most appealing and creative flavors.
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Inspiration: Four Easy & Healthy Homemade Snacks


Sometimes you feel like snacking on something and you just don’t want to take another piece of fruit, but you don’t want to take something that is as unhealthy as a candybar or potato chips either. You just need something that gives you the idea of snacking without feeling guilty about the snack you just ate. I have a couple of healthy and super tasty options for those moments for you! Lees verder

Review: Two Limited edition candybars


I saw an ad about the new limited edition Snickers with hazelnuts and as a vivid candybar and hazelnut lover, this was not something I could ignore. So after work, I was strolling through my local Albert Heijn in search of the Snickers, but before I found them, something else caught my eye: a limited edition dark chocolate Kinder Bueno! As I love dark chocolate more than any other kind of chocolate, there was no other option than taking this Kinder Bueno home with me as well. So there I was, on the couch with two different limited edition candybars, trying to decide which one I would taste first. A tough job, I can tell you that! After like, 10 minutes, the dark chocolate Kinder Bueno won. Lees verder

Recipe: Dutch Bokkenpootjes

Recipe: BokkenpootjesI tried to think of the English equivalent of bokkenpootjes, but I just could not think of anything. They are a bit like ladyfingers, except that bokkenpootjes are made with almond flour, consist of two cookies filled with cream and are coated with chocolate, so yeah, not quite the same. I guess it is just a typical Dutch cookie. They are crispy, yet chewy on the outside and have this delicious vanilla cream between the two layers. These are one of my favorite cookies, because the almond, cream and chocolate combine so wonderfully! I guess they got their name bokkenpootjes, because the look a bit like a goats’ foot (which is what bokkenpootjes means in Dutch). I wanted to make my own version of them so badly for a long time already, that I decided to just give it a try. These cookies are a bit more work than any regular cookie, because of the different components and they do require some more skills, but the taste was so amazing that it was definetely worth the work, so don’t let this scare you! Lees verder

Cookbook: Bakken met Menno


As soon as I read that Menno, the winner of ‘Heel Holland Bakt 2014’ would be creating a book with his best baking recipes, I just knew I needed this book in my life. ‘Heel Holland Bakt’ is the Dutch equivalent of ‘The Great British Bakeoff’ where bakers from around the country battle against each other with the most wonderful baked goods. I have been watching every episode in awe, seeing the most amazing breads, cakes, cookies, desserts and even pizza’s. Menno was definetely one of my favorite bakers from the first episode: he had the knowledge, was creative in the given challenges and made delicious things with a no-nonsense attitude. Almost all of his creations turned out so well, it was no surprise to me that he won the 2014 series. And having the opportunity to bake his recipes at home makes me all exited for his book! Lees verder

Review: Dapeppa cookie mix


For Christmas, my grandparents gave me this Dapeppa jar that contains almost all of the ingredients to bake coffee cookies. They know how much I like to bake and they love to try the end results of all this baking, so they knew this present would be a succes. Little did they know I had been baking cookies as a Christmas gift for them! It was hilarious when we were unwrapping our presents, can you imagine! So funny! I must say I didn’t really bake much after Christmas, except for the carrot cake and apple pie for my birthday. But last sunday, I was in a cookie-baking-mood and rembered the Dapeppa jar in my cabinet. You only need to add 70 grams of butter and an egg, which I still had in storage as well, so I was ready to make these cookies with chocolate chunks and mocha beans. Dapeppa is a Dutch brand that uses only the finest ingredients for their cookie mixes, which made me curious to try this. Lees verder