Cookbook: New York, recipes from the big apple


I love to wander around in bookstores, I can literally spend hours in there going through all of the books I would like to read. We are lucky enough to have Donner in Rotterdam, which is a humonghous bookstore with specific departments for all kinds of genres. Of course, I always visit the cookbook department and this time I found this
book: ‘New York, recipes from the big apple‘. I went on a city trip to New York in 2012 and ever since I feel like I miss New York and I need to go back there. There was so much I didn’t get to see, do or taste in those few days I was there! So this book instantly caught my eye.
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Background: my Food Bucket list

I always make lists for everything: things I want to do, make, see or get. That’s why I also had a list of recipes I want to make, food I want to try and restaurants I need to visit. Lately, I discovered more people have these lists and that some people call this a Food Bucket list. I really liked the idea of a bucketlist and tracking which of the items you have completed, so I decided to post my Food Bucket list on the blog and tell you about the progress I am making with it. I must say I completed some items on my list lately already:

1: Making a curry
2: Baking pumpkin muffins
3: Taste quinoa
4: Make a Cake Boss recipe
5: Visit the Markthal
6: Have a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks
7: Make Sloppy Joes
8: Taste pulled pork
9: Bake spelt bread
10: Eat at a tapas restaurant

Being a food blogger absolutely helps in checking off the items on my list, as I often look at my list when I am thinking about what I want to write about next. At the same time, it makes it harder to complete the list, as I get inspired by all of the other blogs where I discover new recipes or restaurants, which makes my list grow before I can finish all of the items on it! But for now, this is my Food Bucket list:
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Recipe: Dutch ‘Stoofperen’, Pears poached in Blackberry juice

Recipe: Pears poached in Blackberry sauceRecipe: Pears poached in Blackberry sauce

Stoofperen are one of my favorite things to make in the fall or winter.Β  Stoofperen are pears poached in blackberry sauce (but they are often poached in red wine or port as well) with some sugar and cinnamon. It is a traditional Dutch dish and most people make it as a side dish for dinner or use the pears in desserts. They are also popular at Christmas dinners. It is just the perfection of the sweet pears with the sour blackberry sauce and the heart warming taste of cinnamon that makes me want to make stoofperen as soon as I find out the pears are in store again, which is usually in october. I always use Giese Wildemann, a small pear which is perfect for poaching. Gieser Wildeman pears do become red on their own when you cook them for 3 hours or longer.Β  As I often don’t have enough time for this, I always add the blackberry juice for both color and taste.
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Inspiration: typical Dutch ‘Hutspot’


When the days are getting shorter and colder, the Dutch start to feel like eating ‘stamppot’ again. It provides a sturdy meal that can keep you going for a long time. Basically a ‘stamppot’ is mashed potato with vegetables of some kind mixed through it. There are a number of typical Dutch stamppotten, like with kale, sauerkraut or endive. But the one that is my personal favorite is the one with carrots and onions called ‘Hutspot’.
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