Restaurant: Breakfast High Tea at Zoet & Zout, Rotterdam

Breakfast High Tea, Zoet & Zout, RotterdamI’m always on the lookout for new and interesting places to go to and through Instagram, I discovered Smaakatelier Zoet & Zout in the Pannenkoekstraat in Rotterdam. I had read about their lunches and high teas and then I knew I wanted to visit it sometime. So when my grandmother wanted to do a high tea for her birthday and didn’t do this because she turned out to do a barbecue instead (which was a true succes as well!), I knew just what to give her for her birthday. A high tea at Zoet & Zout. But not the regular one at around 15.00 o’clock, but a Breakfast High Tea. I thought this was a creative twist to the concept and was curious to find out what it would be like.
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Review: Spelt croissants from Albert Heijn

Spelt croissantI have noticed (couldn’t avoid it), that spelt is the next big thing in food land. The trend started with bread, but now all kinds of products are being baked with spelt instead of regular flour. I like the trend, because I liked spelt bread as an alternative for my regular bread. I have seen and tried crackers, biscuits, granola, muffins and eierkoeken (don’t know if there is an English equivalent for eierkoeken?) but the croissants at Albert Heijn intruiged me. Could they be comparable to their regular croissants?
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