Review: Tijd voor Ontbijt


For me, breakfast is very important. I believe a healthy breakfast gets your body started and gets the brain fueled as well. This is why I always take the time in the morning to have a decent breakfast (and because I simply wake up hungry). Personally, I love oatmeal for breakfast, because you can flavor it with loads of things and you can add almost everything as a topping. Usually I put any kind of fruit on top and sometimes extras like nuts or chocolate. Lately I discovered something new in my local Albert Heijn, called ‘Tijd voor Ontbijt‘. Tijd voor Ontbijt sells different kinds of mixes with nuts, dried fruit and superfoods to add to your yoghurt, muesli, or in my case oatmeal.

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Event: Swan Market Rotterdam

Swan market, RotterdamThe Swan Market was on my list to visit this entire year already, but because every time I wanted to go, there was something important I had to go to as well, I could just go to the last outdoor market of this year in Rotterdam. The Swan Market is held in various cities on several sundays throughout the year. It is a lifestyle market where many different creative things are offered varying from fashion, handmade jewellery, accessories, interior items and affordable art to kids items. There is live music from new and upcoming artists as well as more known artists and very important for me as well: many specialized food stands and food trucks.
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