Review: Easter Eggs from Jamin

Review, Jamin easter eggs chocolateWhen I was a child I was always looking forward to the period before Easter, because that would be the time of the Easter eggs. My parents would usually get a bag of these chocolate eggs in shimmery foil with loads of colors. At that time, most of the eggs were made of solid dark, milk or white chocolate and on a rare occasion you would find some filled with praline or hazelnut. Things sure have changed since then. Nowadays you can buy Easter eggs with filled with everything you can imagine. One of my favorite candy stores, Jamin, even sells 40 different flavors! And they add new flavors every year, how cool is that? This was beyond my imagination and I decided to test 15 of the most appealing and creative flavors.
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Recipe: Dutch Bokkenpootjes

Recipe: BokkenpootjesI tried to think of the English equivalent of bokkenpootjes, but I just could not think of anything. They are a bit like ladyfingers, except that bokkenpootjes are made with almond flour, consist of two cookies filled with cream and are coated with chocolate, so yeah, not quite the same. I guess it is just a typical Dutch cookie. They are crispy, yet chewy on the outside and have this delicious vanilla cream between the two layers. These are one of my favorite cookies, because the almond, cream and chocolate combine so wonderfully! I guess they got their name bokkenpootjes, because the look a bit like a goats’ foot (which is what bokkenpootjes means in Dutch). I wanted to make my own version of them so badly for a long time already, that I decided to just give it a try. These cookies are a bit more work than any regular cookie, because of the different components and they do require some more skills, but the taste was so amazing that it was definetely worth the work, so don’t let this scare you! Lees verder

Explore the Foodhallen, Amsterdam


The Foodhallen in Amsterdam was something I really wanted to visit, because I thought it had such an unique and amazing concept. I always have a hard time picking a restaurant when I go out for dinner, as I always want to try so many different foods and cuisines. In the Foodhallen, there are numerous vendors in an indoor foodmarket that create original bites of almost every cuisine you can imagine. You can just collect and combine all of the things you like and eat them at one location. How perfect is that for a food lover? Getting to try multiple things at once! Lees verder

Review: Spelt oliebollen from Albert Heijn


After the holidays I finally have some time to write a blogpost again! It has been wonderful, but I was way too busy cooking and entertaining my family to write a new post. So today I am picking up blogging again.

As it is New Years’ Eve tonight it is time to have some oliebollen. For the non-Dutch reader: oliebollen are eaten traditionally at this day. They are basically balls of dough that are fried in sunflower oil. They are mostly eaten plain, with nothing in it, or with raisins. Many families have a tradition of baking their own oliebollen, but fortunately you can buy them at one of the many oliebollen stands that pop up in december or at every bakery and supermarket.
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Recipe: Cranberry-pecan Oatmeal cookies with white chocolate (Great Foodblogger Cookie Swap)

Cranberry-pecan Oatmeal cookies with white chocolateThe Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2014

A couple of months ago, I noticed a post on another blog about the Great Foodblogger Cookie Swap. To be truthfull, I first thought I could not join this event, because it was based and organised mainly in the US. But after I did some research, I found out that it was actually an international event and I could join even in the Netherlands! I really loved the idea of baking cookies for random other foodbloggers and receiving cookies from other foodbloggers as well. But the thing that made me want to do this even more is the fact that it supports Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.
So I signed up, hoping that some other Dutch foodbloggers would join as well so I could have some matches.

Fortunately, they did (!) and as soon as I got my matches I knew what I was going to bake:
Cranberry-pecan Oatmeal cookies with white chocolate.
I had oatmeal cookies on my to bake list like forever, and I figuCranberry-pecan Oatmeal cookies with white chocolatered it would be the right cookie to make for others and their sturdy texture would make it through the shipping process.
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Inspiration: My Christmas dinner menu’s so far


Christmas is approaching and it will be just two more weeks untill all the festivities in my family start. Actually, even less than two weeks, because we also host a dinner on Christmas eve with some of our relatives. Then we have first day of Christmas with my mothers’ side of the family and then second day of Christmas with my fathers’ side of the family. For the non-Dutch reader: we really have two official days of Christmas in the Netherlands. It can be convenient if you have multiple groups of people to celebrate Christmas with, like me. And then we still need an extra celebration on Christmas eve, because we can’t fit it all in two days. So I am planning the menu’s and dishes as we speak. I love to try new, delicious, crowd pleasing recipes, but sometimes it can be a struggle to find recipes everyone likes when you are cooking for larger groups. In fact, our numbers are: 8 people on Christmas eve, 15 on the first day and 19 on the second day. On the first and second day, we usually organise it in a way where every family member makes a part of the dinner and takes it to the host where it may be finished or heated before we actually eat. We haven’t discussed the menu’s for those days yet, but I have already seen some great recipes I would like to make.
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Inspiration: Old fashioned Dutch Zuurkool (sauerkraut)


My father loves to make the typical Dutch winter dinner ‘zuurkool’ (or sauerkraut for the non-Dutch speaking). Zuurkool is directly translated: “sour cabbage”, finely cut cabbage that has been fermented by various lactic acid bacteria. It has a distinctive sour taste. In the Netherlands, we like to make it with mashed potato, like a ‘stamppot’. We like a rookworst (smoked sausage ) with it or a speklapje (piece of porkbelly). When my dad makes it, hè likes the porkbelly to be cooked in the same pan as the zuurkool. Sounds a bit odd, but that is how his parents made it for him when he was a child. I must say it does taste nice and the porkbelly gets really tender. We are just not that used to cooking our meat , as we usually bake it.
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