Restaurant: Proef, Scheveningen


Last week I went to one of the try-outs of Billy Elliot the Musical. It was a musical I had been dying to see, so as soon as I knew tickets were available, I asked my friend if she would like to go as well and we ordered the tickets! There are multiple children from my dance studio in this show, but unfortunately none of them was playing this night. Lucky for me, I did know two other dancers on stage who I was performing in the Nutcracker with last year! The show was amazing, even better than I expected, especially the dancing of course.

Before the musical, my friend and I needed to have dinner, so we decided to go and eat at the boulevard next to the beach. Scheveningen is next to the Noordzee and there is a nice boulevard there with lots of restaurants. As it isn’t quite the beach season right now, not all of the restaurants were open. We did manage to find one with a promising  menu, called ‘Proef’. It looked like a cozy restaurant with fires to sit by outside. Inside, it was quite dark, but with a nice atmosphere.
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Explore the Markthal in Rotterdam

Markthal Rotterdam, outsideI had been looking forward to this ever since it was announced that Rotterdam would get its’ own Markthal: an indoor foodmarket filled with food stores and stands where you could get anything you would want on food products. This would have to become a foodlovers’ dream! So after years of watching the building being created and following the news about it, last week the Markthal was finally officially opened. Queen Maxima did the opening ceremony and when I saw this being broadcasted on tv, I knew I had to visit the Markthal very soon. Fortunately, I live in Rotterdam and when I go to one of my jobs, I have to switch trains at the station next to it. Frequent visits guaranteed, especially since it is open 7 days a week! So I went there only little a week after to see it for myself.
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