Explore the store: Frooters, Rotterdam


Alexandrium shopping centre is one of the most well known indoor shopping centres of Rotterdam. Most of us locals still call it the ‘Oosterhof’, which was the original name of the first part of the shopping centre. As it expanded with the second and third part, the name changed to Alexandrium. It is really close to my house and I do feel kind of spoiled sometimes with all of the shops so close to home. There are also many places in Alexandrium where you can get something to eat. One of my favorite new spots is Frooters, a frozen yoghurt and juice bar. I fell in love with frozen yoghurt in New York City and ever since I am always on the lookout for new spots that sell it near me. Lees verder

Inspiration: Raspberry banana bread that even banana haters like

Inspiration: Raspberry Banana breadQuite a strange title for this blogpost isn’t it? But that is exactly what this banana bread does: it makes banana haters eat banana. Somehow I never liked the taste of banana, as a child and  as an adult still. It doesn’t matter if the banana is baked, in a smoothie, cake, or even artificial like in candy, if I taste banana, I don’t like it. Because I really want to eat bananas for their healthy benefits, I have tried to eat banana in all kinds of foods to see if there was a way I would like it, but no succes. Untill now! Lees verder

Review: Chia loves fruit


Do you think regular jam holds too much sugar? Then you should try this new alternative called ‘Chia loves fruit’ from Mister Kitchen. In this jam, a great amount of sugar has been replaced by chia seeds. To be exact, Chia loves fruit contains 65% less sugar than regular jam. The chia seeds take care of the binding of the fruit, without extra sugar or gelatin and they add a little bite as well. Stevia is used to make it a little sweeter.

There are 3 different flavors: blueberry – cranberry, apricot – orange and strawberry. I tried the strawberry flavor this time, because I thought this flavor would be easiest to compare with the other jams I know. Lees verder

Review: Crispy Crisps fruit chips from Action


I always love to go to stores like Action and Xenos every once in a while, because they sell a little bit of everything, have different products from time to time and they are not expensive at all. This time I had a little bit of time between dance classes and since there is an Action store around the corner of the dance studio that’s where I went to.

There was not much I wanted to buy this time, except for one thing: fruit chips. There are portion sized packs in three different kinds of freeze dried fruit: apple, pear and peach. I am always on the lookout for interesting healthy snacks, so of course I had to try these. I figured they would make a nice substitution for regular potato chips. I bought only the apple and pear, but after trying them I wished I had bought the peach as well. Lees verder

Background: Dragonfruit or Pitaya

Pitaya or Dragonfruit dessertRecently I learned about this beautiful and a bit bizarre looking fruit called Dragonfruit or Pitaya. It is the fruit of several cactus species. They can weigh anywhere from 150 to 600 grams. On the outside it is a bright pink with green tips on the leaves or scales. On the inside it is white (there is a pink species as well) with a massive amount of black seeds.
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Recipe: Dutch ‘Stoofperen’, Pears poached in Blackberry juice

Recipe: Pears poached in Blackberry sauceRecipe: Pears poached in Blackberry sauce

Stoofperen are one of my favorite things to make in the fall or winter.  Stoofperen are pears poached in blackberry sauce (but they are often poached in red wine or port as well) with some sugar and cinnamon. It is a traditional Dutch dish and most people make it as a side dish for dinner or use the pears in desserts. They are also popular at Christmas dinners. It is just the perfection of the sweet pears with the sour blackberry sauce and the heart warming taste of cinnamon that makes me want to make stoofperen as soon as I find out the pears are in store again, which is usually in october. I always use Giese Wildemann, a small pear which is perfect for poaching. Gieser Wildeman pears do become red on their own when you cook them for 3 hours or longer.  As I often don’t have enough time for this, I always add the blackberry juice for both color and taste.
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Inspiration: 10 times fruit in your oatmeal (the realistic way)


I’m seeing the most amazing photos of jaw dropping breakfast bowls with uncountable kinds of ingredients on Instagram every day. A lot of different fruits, nuts, superfoods, sprinkles, colors and whatnot are added in these breakfasts. Everything is perfectly cut and nicely shape and arranged in layers and patterns.The pictures alone are mouthwatering pieces of art. But realisticly, as much as I want it to, my breakfast almost never looks as great, not even close (even while it has the same ingredients sometimes). Simply because I don’t have the time to cut fruit in a creative way, or puff some rice or amaranth every day. And if it is very early, I don’t even care how my oatmeal looks, as long as it tastes goodThis is why I decided to share 10 of my regular, ready in 2 minutes oatmeal and fruit breakfasts. Some still look ok, others plain boring, but most important is how they tasted. I really liked all of these combinations.
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Explore the Markthal in Rotterdam

Markthal Rotterdam, outsideI had been looking forward to this ever since it was announced that Rotterdam would get its’ own Markthal: an indoor foodmarket filled with food stores and stands where you could get anything you would want on food products. This would have to become a foodlovers’ dream! So after years of watching the building being created and following the news about it, last week the Markthal was finally officially opened. Queen Maxima did the opening ceremony and when I saw this being broadcasted on tv, I knew I had to visit the Markthal very soon. Fortunately, I live in Rotterdam and when I go to one of my jobs, I have to switch trains at the station next to it. Frequent visits guaranteed, especially since it is open 7 days a week! So I went there only little a week after to see it for myself.
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