Restaurant: Lof der Zoetheid, Rotterdam


Lof der Zoetheid was on my wishlist to visit for literally years already. I discovered this place when I went to visit Kookpunt for the first time with my parents. We had been in this amazing shop for a couple of hours and afterwards we wanted to go and have lunch somewhere. Next to Kookpunt, on the corner of the block was Lof der Zoetheid. As we looked inside, we noticed the place was crammed full! There was no room for us to sit, so we didn’t go for lunch there we but at home instead. As we  never heard of it before we wondered what was so special about Lof der Zoetheid. So at home I looked it up on the internet and I found the most wonderful reviews. I found out that especially their cakes, lunches and high teas were incredible. Then I knew I had to go there at least once!
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Restaurant: Breakfast High Tea at Zoet & Zout, Rotterdam

Breakfast High Tea, Zoet & Zout, RotterdamI’m always on the lookout for new and interesting places to go to and through Instagram, I discovered Smaakatelier Zoet & Zout in the Pannenkoekstraat in Rotterdam. I had read about their lunches and high teas and then I knew I wanted to visit it sometime. So when my grandmother wanted to do a high tea for her birthday and didn’t do this because she turned out to do a barbecue instead (which was a true succes as well!), I knew just what to give her for her birthday. A high tea at Zoet & Zout. But not the regular one at around 15.00 o’clock, but a Breakfast High Tea. I thought this was a creative twist to the concept and was curious to find out what it would be like.
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Explore the store: Ten to Three Bakery, Rotterdam

Ten to Three Bakery RotterdamIn the centre of Rotterdam, hidden underneath the Bijenkorf, lies a small, but magical cupcake store, called Ten to Three Bakery. They also have another location in Rotterdam and one in Delft (where I work, yay!), but the one in de Aert van Nesstraat also has a small tearoom where you can also have a cupcake break with your friends while you are shopping. Ten to Three Bakery has a large variety of cupcakes, ranging form classics (for example vanilla, chocolate, lemon), to speciality (salted caramel, cookies and cream, strawberry cheesecake) and a limited edition that changes every few weeks. They sell all the flavors in normal and mini sized cupcakes. It’s nice to know that they sell sugarfree, glutenfree and vegan cupcakes as well! Besides the cupcakes, you can get macarons, brownies, muffins and scones. All the sweets look super cute, with customised designs for each specific cupcake.
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