Explore the store: Frooters, Rotterdam


Alexandrium shopping centre is one of the most well known indoor shopping centres of Rotterdam. Most of us locals still call it the ‘Oosterhof’, which was the original name of the first part of the shopping centre. As it expanded with the second and third part, the name changed to Alexandrium. It is really close to my house and I do feel kind of spoiled sometimes with all of the shops so close to home. There are also many places in Alexandrium where you can get something to eat. One of my favorite new spots is Frooters, a frozen yoghurt and juice bar. I fell in love with frozen yoghurt in New York City and ever since I am always on the lookout for new spots that sell it near me. Lees verder


Restaurant: Picknick Rotterdam


Picknick is another place I read so much about on other blogs and every review I read was so positive that I needed to check it out myself. I honestly didn’t know it was in the place it is (at the Mariniersweg), even though I live in Rotterdam and I walked past it probably countless times. Really bad, I know. But this time I walked inside! Lees verder

City food trip: Amsterdam

City food trip: AmsterdamAs the capitol of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the place to be for the hip and happening on food stores and restaurants. A lot of new concepts have their first locations in Amsterdam before they spread to the rest of the country. Even though Rotterdam as a big city offers a lot on the food area, you can’t really compare it to Amsterdam.That’s why I decided to go and visit some of the food hotspots in Amsterdam. I took the train to Amsterdam Central station and ventured out from there.
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