Recipe: Spring dinner with Salmon and Asparagus

image The Netherlands is one of the very few countries that have two days of Easter (and Christmas). It is actually kind of weird, because the event we are celebrating is only one day, but we spread it out over two days. It does give you an extra day off work and the possibillity to celebrate with both sides of the family for example. We did an elaborate brunch with the whole family on the first day and invited my grandparents for dinner on the second day. I wanted to make something that gives you the feeling of spring, so a light dinner with vegetables and flavors of the season. Lees verder


Inspiration: Wrap with smoked chicken and pea sprouts

Inspiration: Wrap with smoked chicken and pea sproutsI eat at the dance studio two times a week at the moment between teaching classes and most of the times I either buy or make a salad. It’s easy to prepare and light on my stomach when I have to dance again straight after. But now, I got kind of bored with the salads and wanted to make something different. I figured a wrap would be easy and light as well, so I looked for things to put in my wrap at my local supermarket.
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Recipe: Pasta Salad with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and balsamic dressing

Pasta salad with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and balsamic dressingI always like pasta salads, as this is a quick and easy meal option that is still healthy and fresh. I often get a premade pasta salad from Albert Heijn when I need to have my dinner at the dance studio. They are quite nice, but I figured I could make them myself as well. So I got the following ingredients:
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