Recipe: Chickpea burger with roasted sweet potato for one

Recipe: Chickpea burger with roasted sweet potatoWhat do you do when you have to have dinner alone? Nope, you don’t order pizza or some other takeout food, but you make something you always wanted to try that the others in your hosehold were not too keen on. Perfect occasion right? So I recently saw this seasoning mixture from Verstegen to make a chickpea burger. I love chickpeas in any way: in a salad, roasted from the oven and in hummus, but I had never tried them in a burger. So I searched for recipes and got inspired by this burger from Gewoon wat een studentje ’s avonds eet. I made some adaptations to my taste in the recipe though. This would have to be on my dinner for one menu. I decided some avocado and lettuce would be great on the burger as well. To accompany it, I thought of some kind of potato and since we don’t eat sweet potato often enough in my opinion, that would become the side dish. Because I would have half an avocado left from the burger, I figured dessert would have to be an avocado chocolate mousse, which I had never tried also. Lees verder


Recipe: Chocolate mousse


I admit I am a chocolate (and caramel) addict. If I would allow myself to, I would have chocolate any time of the day. Of course, one of my favorite desserts involves chocolate as well. We often buy premade chocolate mousse from the supermarket, but today I wanted to make a fresh chocolate mousse from scratch.

As a matter of fact, I thought making this mousse would be easy peasy. It turned out to be a little bit more work than I expected, but it is still a very manageable recipe. You need 3 separate bowls to prepare the different components of the mousse. Don’t think you can just combine things in less than 3 bowls, because it is just not possible.
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