Review: Danerolles Pizza Kit

Review: Danerolles Pizza kitThrough Facebook, I joined a testpanel for Danerolles and I got to test their Pizza Kit. Of course, I liked to try this, as I love pizza and I love to try new things. This pizza kit contains ready made dough on parchment paper and the sauce for pizza for two portions. On a day where I was having dinner with my father only, I decided to make this pizza for the first time.
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Recipe: Family pizza


This is a recipe I learned from my mother. She made it when my brother and I were little and as I got older and got into the kitchen more, she passed on the recipe to me. Basically it is a pizza that covers your entire baking tray. And in our case, you can feed 5 to 6 people with it. It makes a great dinner for the entire family! I always make sections for everyone who is eating it with their preferred toppings on it. It is a great recipe for some quality time evening.

The true pizza purists might not like
imagethis version, as it doesnโ€™t have a real pizza crust, but bread instead and I use ketchup for the sauce, which is not done in Italy of course. This pizza is not super healthy, but still healthier than the take-away or frozen pizza’s from the supermarket.
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Event: Swan Market Rotterdam

Swan market, RotterdamThe Swan Market was on my list to visit this entire year already, but because every time I wanted to go, there was something important I had to go to as well, I could just go to the last outdoor market of this year in Rotterdam. The Swan Market is held in various cities on several sundays throughout the year. It is a lifestyle market where many different creative things are offered varying from fashion, handmade jewellery, accessories, interior items and affordable art to kids items. There is live music from new and upcoming artists as well as more known artists and very important for me as well: many specialized food stands and food trucks.
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