Restaurant: Lekkerr, Schoonhoven


Last week, I spent two days at my aunt who lives in Schoonhoven. Schoonhoven is a very cute town between Rotterdam and Utrecht. It is known for the silver that used to be made here a lot. In the city centre, you will find a lot of old buildings, mostly from around the year 1600. I absolutely love to see this, as you won’t find buildings like this in Rotterdam, because of what happened here in the Second World War. It gives Schoonhoven such a charming feel. I also really like the canal that runs right through the town. On one of the sides of the canal, restaurant Lekkerr is situated and my aunt, brother and sister in law and I decided to go there for dinner.
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Event: Swan Market Rotterdam

Swan market, RotterdamThe Swan Market was on my list to visit this entire year already, but because every time I wanted to go, there was something important I had to go to as well, I could just go to the last outdoor market of this year in Rotterdam. The Swan Market is held in various cities on several sundays throughout the year. It is a lifestyle market where many different creative things are offered varying from fashion, handmade jewellery, accessories, interior items and affordable art to kids items. There is live music from new and upcoming artists as well as more known artists and very important for me as well: many specialized food stands and food trucks.
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