Recipe: Raspberry Pistachio Eton Mess


I don’t really know why, but Eton Mess was something that I wanted to make for quite a while, but for some reason I didn’t. And it can be so easy to make, especially when you have ready made merengue, so the lack of time could not be my excuse. But now, I finally tried to make it! And I even baked my own merengues for it!

Eton Mess is basically a layered dessert with cream, merengue and fruit and you can make many variations on this dessert. Because we all love red fruits the most in my family and it gives the dessert a nice and fresh look, I decided to make a raspberry Eton Mess. To give it some extra color, I topped it with some vibrant green pistachios. And I can tell you it was a crowd pleaser!

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Recipe: Spring dinner with Salmon and Asparagus

image The Netherlands is one of the very few countries that have two days of Easter (and Christmas). It is actually kind of weird, because the event we are celebrating is only one day, but we spread it out over two days. It does give you an extra day off work and the possibillity to celebrate with both sides of the family for example. We did an elaborate brunch with the whole family on the first day and invited my grandparents for dinner on the second day. I wanted to make something that gives you the feeling of spring, so a light dinner with vegetables and flavors of the season. Lees verder

Inspiration: Wrap with smoked chicken and pea sprouts

Inspiration: Wrap with smoked chicken and pea sproutsI eat at the dance studio two times a week at the moment between teaching classes and most of the times I either buy or make a salad. It’s easy to prepare and light on my stomach when I have to dance again straight after. But now, I got kind of bored with the salads and wanted to make something different. I figured a wrap would be easy and light as well, so I looked for things to put in my wrap at my local supermarket.
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Recipe: Grilled avocado sandwich


So, this isn’t really a recipe. But it doesnโ€™t really fit my ‘Inspiration’ category either and I feel like I need to share this with you guys, so it is an unofficial recipe.

A couple of days ago, I did not feel like cooking dinner at all, but I did want to eat something that is comforting and still healthy. So I was thinking about a tosti (grilled cheese sandwich, but I kind of missed the healthy part in it. Then suddenly I remembered a grilled sandwich with avocado I had seen on Instagram lately (I love how inspirational Instagram can be by the way) and figured that would be perfection!
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Cookbook: Uit Pauline’s keuken

Cookbook: Uit Paulines' KeukenI love to read blogs from other foodbloggers as there is so much inspiration to be found on them to bake and cook. I often find the best recipes there. One of my absolute favorites is Uit Pauline’s Keuken. She has one of the most clean looking blogs with recipes of any kind. Most of the recipes are on the healthier side, as she also wrote the Voedselzandloper cookbook, but she also shares recipes you can really indulge on. I discovered Pauline’s blog when I was looking for a recipe for sweet potato fries. After that, I have made numerous from her recipes, so when I heard about her upcoming book, I definetely wanted to have it. I just knew there would be a lot of recipes in there that I would love to make!
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Inspiration: Four Easy & Healthy Homemade Snacks


Sometimes you feel like snacking on something and you just don’t want to take another piece of fruit, but you don’t want to take something that is as unhealthy as a candybar or potato chips either. You just need something that gives you the idea of snacking without feeling guilty about the snack you just ate. I have a couple of healthy and super tasty options for those moments for you! Lees verder

Recipe: Pasta pie

image On the weekends, I always like to make something special for dinner. Last week, my brother and I decided to cook something together for our parents and as we were browsing through recipes we found a picture of a pie made of pasta. What could be more appropriate, considering my blog name, than making a pasta pie? I thought it was the most perfect thing and since we all like pasta bolognese it was a good choice for all of us. And anything is better when it is in a pie shape right? It is that fun twist on your regular pasta dish that makes it more of a special dinner. To go with it we made lovely chicken meatballs and a rocket salad. Lees verder