Review: Two Limited edition candybars


I saw an ad about the new limited edition Snickers with hazelnuts and as a vivid candybar and hazelnut lover, this was not something I could ignore. So after work, I was strolling through my local Albert Heijn in search of the Snickers, but before I found them, something else caught my eye: a limited edition dark chocolate Kinder Bueno! As I love dark chocolate more than any other kind of chocolate, there was no other option than taking this Kinder Bueno home with me as well. So there I was, on the couch with two different limited edition candybars, trying to decide which one I would taste first. A tough job, I can tell you that! After like, 10 minutes, the dark chocolate Kinder Bueno won. Lees verder


Restaurant: Hudson Rotterdam

Review Restaurant Hudson RotterdamMy cousin and I decided to go out for dinner to catch up after we hadn’t seen each other for quite a while. We were looking for a place in Rotterdam and decided to go and test a restaurant that was new to the both of us. The very American menu of Hudson we found online did really appeal to us, so that’s where we went.
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Explore the store: De IJssalon, Rotterdam


Everybody in Rotterdam knows: if you want to have some true icecream, you should go get it at De IJssalon at the Meent. People come from across Rotterdam and the areas around it because they truely have the best icecream. They have the classic flavors everybody knows, new and experimental flavors and flavors that vary because of the seasons. Every single ingredient is fresh and that is what makes the ice cream taste so great!
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