Inspiration: Raspberry banana bread that even banana haters like

Inspiration: Raspberry Banana breadQuite a strange title for this blogpost isn’t it? But that is exactly what this banana bread does: it makes banana haters eat banana. Somehow I never liked the taste of banana, as a child and  as an adult still. It doesn’t matter if the banana is baked, in a smoothie, cake, or even artificial like in candy, if I taste banana, I don’t like it. Because I really want to eat bananas for their healthy benefits, I have tried to eat banana in all kinds of foods to see if there was a way I would like it, but no succes. Untill now! Lees verder


Review: Chia loves fruit


Do you think regular jam holds too much sugar? Then you should try this new alternative called ‘Chia loves fruit’ from Mister Kitchen. In this jam, a great amount of sugar has been replaced by chia seeds. To be exact, Chia loves fruit contains 65% less sugar than regular jam. The chia seeds take care of the binding of the fruit, without extra sugar or gelatin and they add a little bite as well. Stevia is used to make it a little sweeter.

There are 3 different flavors: blueberry – cranberry, apricot – orange and strawberry. I tried the strawberry flavor this time, because I thought this flavor would be easiest to compare with the other jams I know. Lees verder

Recipe: Oatmeal Greek yoghurt pancakes


Ever since I had pancakes for breakfast at the Ontbijtbar I have the craving for pancakes in the morning every now and then. They are the perfect treat on days when you need a comforting start of your day. But, and this is kind of a big but, I am trying not to eat sugar at my breakfast (and lunch and dinner) because I was experiencing severe drops in my blood sugar dring the day when I ate sugar in every meal or snack. By taking less sugar, this went away almost completely. So regular pancakes for breakfast were not an option. Lees verder