Recipe: Rhubarb Tarte Tartin with a crumble base


When I know spring is around the corner, I start looking for one of my favorite products of this season: rhubarb! I just love the pink and green stalks with their sweet and tangy flavor.  Every year I like to make a new recipe with it, which is so easy, because rhubarb is a super versatile vegetable. You can use it in desserts, breakfasts, sauces, jams and of course in cakes! This year I decided to make a cake from the rhubarb, but not an ordinary one. I felt the need to use a new technique, so I decided to make a tarte tartin. This was something I had never made before and I figured it would give the rhubarb an extra dimension through the caramellising process that happens in the pan. Because a rhubarb crumble is such a classic, I wanted a to incorporate a crumble layer as well. But it is not on the rhubarb, but in the base of the cake. Sounds delicious right?

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