Explore the store: Van Delft pepernotenwinkel, Markthal


It is almost Sinterklaas  (a national holiday in the Netherlands) so it is also my favorite time of the year: time for pepernoten, kruidnoten and chocolate. Kruidnoten are my favorite Sinterklaas treats, they are little spiced cookies which are baked untill they are crispy.

When I heard about the Pepernotenwinkel (which actually sells kruidnoten by the way) from Van Delft in Harderwijk, Haarlem and Amsterdam I knew I had to plan a visit to one of these cities soon. I have this weakness for kruidnoten, almost to the point of an addiction ;p When I see them in the stores in september, which is very early actually, I just can’t control myself and I have to get them. I have tried every variation I could find so far, but my favorites are the plain, truffle and yoghurt kruidnoten. But when I read that van Delft has 35 (!) different flavors  I knew I had so much more to explore. How delighted I was when I found out that there would be a temporary stand in the Markthal from Van Delft! Halleluja! No trip to Harderwijk, Haarlem or Amsterdam needed!
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